Columbia Engineering in Medicine Symposium

Mar 01 2017

Join us for a day of talks, networking, and poster presentations exploring the link between engineering and medicine - the path from experiment to implementation.

Part 1

Opening remarks – 00:44:00

Cell and Tissue Engineering Introduction - 00:48:10

Tal Danino “Synthetic Biology: From Bacteria Circuits to New Therapies”- 00:50:06

Samuel Sia "Biomaterials Microfabrication for Therapeutics"- 1:15:41

Steve Thomopoulos “Biologically Inspired Solutions for Attaching Dissimilar Materials” - 1:43:03

Biomechanics Introduction - 2:38:00

Kristin Myers “The Biomechanics of Human Pregnancy"– 2:41:05

Barclay Morrison “Mechanobiology of Traumatic Brain Injury: Applications to Prevention and Treatment”– 3:14:14

X. Edward Guo “Mechanically-Induced Ca2+ Oscillations in Osteocytes Release Vesicles to Enhance Bone Formation – 3:44:30

Part 2

Ed Guo (cont) – 0:00:00

Imaging Introduction – 01:14:40

Cristoph Juchem “Magnetic Resonance Engineering - from Bench to Bedside" – 01:17:04

Christine Hendon “Monitoring and Guidance of Arrhythmia Therapy with Optics" -1:53:00

Andreas Hielscher "Advances in Clinical Optical Imaging of Breast Cancer, Vascular Diseases, and Arthritis"-02:25:25

Neuroengineering Introduction – 03:14:20

Qi Wang "Enhancing Perception and Behavioral Performance through Control of Activity of the LC-NE System" –03:15:35

Nima Mesgarani "Reverse Engineering the Neural Mechanisms Involved in Speech Communication" - 03:50:00

Part 3

Nima Mesgarani (cont)- 00:00:00

Joshua Jacobs "Invasive Human Brain Recordings and the Neural Basis of Memory"  - 0:21:23