Columbia teams win big at the Rice Business Plan Competition

Apr 19 2017

Columbia teams won big at the Rice Business Plan Competition on April 8, winning a combined $104,000 in prizes.

Luso Labs, a startup founded by four BME BS’16 students won the Cisco Innovation Challenge. The company, which originated in the Senior Design course taught by Professor Aaron Kyle, was co-founded by Jahrane Dale, Olachi Oleru, Stephanie Yang, and Ritish Patnaik, and aims to provide “automated, accurate, and accessible cervical cancer screening worldwide”. Droice Labs, co-founded by Columbia Engineering students Mayur Saxena (BME PhD), Aleksandr Makarov (Data Science, MS), Harshit Saxena (Computer Science, MS), and Tasha Nagamine (Electrical Engineering, PhD), won the fifth-place prize. Their product, Droice, is a platform that “uses artificial intelligence to help doctors choose the right treatment for each and every patient”. Baby Bloom, a startup founded in the Master’s Design course led by Professor Katherine Reuther, was also selected to attend the Rice Business Plan Competition. Headed by Elizabeth Hulphers (BME MS’16), Krista Durney (BME PhD), Robert Nims (MechE PhD‘16), Priya Medberry (BME BS’17), and Joshua Wolf (MBA’17), Baby Bloom is “dedicated to helping lactating mothers throughout their breastfeeding experience using smart devices and data analytics”. 

Congratulations to all of our teams!