Healthy Humanity

The global average life expectancy of the human population has more than doubled since 1900, much of it due to rapid advances in medical technologies. The concept of managing health and wellness in a highly precise and personalized manner is now emerging—for the health of individuals as well as for the public health of populations. As technology development makes health and wellness more personalized, precise, interactive, and focused on a holistic view of the patient, we will make critical advances in improving human health.


Bacterial Therapy in a Dish

Columbia engineers develop new platform that recreates cancer in a dish to quickly determine the best bacterial therapy. More
Apr 17 2019 | By Holly Evarts | Image and Video Credit: Tetsuhiro Harimoto/Columbia Engineering

From Bacteria to Biodesign

Columbia Engineering's inaugural biohackathon brings together engineers, biologists, architects and entrepreneurs in search of the next big thing in biodesign. More
Feb 26 2019 | By Jesse Adams | Student Photo Credit: Jesse Adams | Growth Sample Photo Credit: Candice Gurbatri
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