The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers interview, resume, and job search support to students interested in obtaining internships or full-time employment. Alumni from our program find placement in Consulting, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Healthcare industries.

Our mission is to counsel and guide the professional development of our students, enhancing their growth outside of the classroom. We strive to provide you with the tools needed to secure a career in your desired industry. 

In addition to Columbia University's Center for Career Education, the Biomedical Engineering Department also offers students industry-specific career planning and BME related career events. They are encouraged to work closely with our Career Placement Officer, Kristen Henlin, in achieving their career goals. 

Kristen Henlin
Career Placement Officer
Office hours:
M, W, F 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. EDT
Tu, Th 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. EDT
or by appointment
Click here to schedule an appointment online.


Student Events and Opportunities

The BME Opportunities Page is a great resource for students to learn about networking and career events and full-time and internship opportunities in the United States and abroad. BME students of all levels can access the page on Canvas with their UNI and password.

Please note that career events are only for Columbia University students and are not open to the public. You must register ahead of time to gain access to the platform.

Event Attendance Policy

Columbia Engineering invests a considerable amount of resources to host professional development and leadership workshops because they enhance your experience, knowledge and marketability. Many of these events have limited seating and we want our students to fully engage. As a result, we ask our students to adhere to the following policy for our offerings (Professional Development and Leadership classes and workshops, School signature events, department events, etc.) so that we can continue to offer and grow these initiatives: for each engagement, you may reserve a seat using Eventbrite. Please check-in at the beginning of the event and engage. If you cannot attend the event, we ask that you cancel at least (2) business days prior so we can offer the seat to another student. For example, for an event held on Monday, please cancel by Thursday, through Eventbrite, so we can give the seat to another student.
Excessive absences without cancellation may result in poor administrative standing. Students in poor administrative standing may not be eligible for the EGSC Professional Development Scholarship, Class Day Graduate Student Speaker or Marshall, Graduate Student Life Award, and other community activities and honors at the School and academic department levels. This may be in addition to any other sanction that your academic department may impose. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

MS Full-time Job Placement Information

Placement Location and Industry

Our Master's students find placement all around the world. In the United States, the majority of students secure employment in New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  They develop skills to work in an array of industries, such as Medical Device & Technology, Consulting, Biotechnology, and Data Science fields. Below are statistics based on our December 2019 Columbia BME MS class data:

(Click image to enlarge)

Major Hiring Companies

Columbia University and the Center for Education (CCE) partner with hundreds of companies to hire our students. Our department specifically, has hosted events with several S&P 500 companies, boutique consulting firms, and biotechnology startups. Below is a sample of major companies that have hired our students:

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Professional Development & Leadership Program

Master of Science students are required to take Professional Development & Leadership courses (ENGIE4000) to graduate. The goal of the Professional Development and Leadership (PDL)  program is to enrich the career development of students at SEAS so that they can:

  1. Obtain skills to find and keep a role
  2. Learn how to grow and cultivate a career
  3. Recognize effective leadership
  4. Learn to become an effective team player and follower; and
  5. Cultivate ethical behavior and values.
Visit the PDL website to learn about the program and the course schedule.


A Message to Employers

Are you interested in connecting with our students? The Biomedical Department would be happy to partner with you in the following ways:

Post an Opportunity

If you are interested in advertising an opportunity, please email our Career Placement officer, Kristen Henlin, with the following information: 

  1. Position Description and Title
  2. Brief Description of your Company
  3. Position Start Date
  4. Other Information Needed: Let us know if positions require supplemental documentation (i.e. Cover letter, Transcript, Test Scores etc.) Please include where the students should submit their resumes (Company website, Company email address, or through the Career Placement Officer). 
  5. Resume Submission Deadline: If applications are accepted on a rolling basis, please let us know.


Start an Internship Program

If your company or organization would like to establish a formal internship program with our department, please reach out to us.


Host an Information Session or Employer Showcase

Although our university is in the process of reopening and is currently operating remotely, we invite employers to connect with our students on Zoom. It is a great opportunity to meet our students and for our students to gain an understanding of your company and culture.  If you are interested in hosting an online event, please email


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Where (geographically) do graduates from the master's program work? 
    Our Master of Science students find placement all around the world. However, most students work in the United States, with the majority of students securing employment in New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.
  2. In which industries do our master's students primarily work? 
    Although our students develop skills to work in an array of industries, the majority of our graduates work in the Medical Device & Technology, Consulting, Biotechnology, and Data Science fields. 
  3. Which companies recruit our students?
    Columbia University and the Center for Education (CCE) partner with hundreds of companies to hire our students. Our department, specifically, has hosted events with several S&P 500 companies, boutique consulting firms, and biotechnology startups. See placement handout more information on specific companies.