Neuro-CoE Seminar Series

Nov 28 2023

Lecture Abstract

Categorization is a fundamental cognitive process by which we classify and rapidly generalize learned and novel information. Dr. Goltstein will present his work on how the representation of a learned visual category emerges over time in the mouse visual and prefrontal cortex and will discuss a possible mechanism by which sensory neurons can acquire category selectivity


The Columbia/AFRL Center of Excellence on the Neuroscience of Decision Making (Neuro-COE) represents a multidisciplinary, multimodal, and multiscale effort for elucidating the neural mechanisms of decision-making, especially under stress, time pressure, and fatigue. It represents a collaboration between biomedical engineers, neuroscientists, computer scientists and psychologists, both at Columbia University and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Join the Directors Paul Sajda and Qi Wang as we hear from experts in the field and learn from their insights.

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