Elias Issa

Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience Affiliate Member, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Elias Issa’s lab utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to studying visual cognition with focus on the problems of face recognition and scene understanding. High-density neural recordings from the primate cortex are coupled with decoding analyses to decipher the patterns of activity across large neural populations. Insights from experiments drive the creation of machine learning models engineered to perform visual learning and visual inference analogous to the brain. The lab also develops and integrates new tools for building a forward-looking experimental platform to measure and perturb the cerebral cortex during active visual behaviors.


Dr. Issa trained at Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering receiving his BS (2001) and PhD (2008). For his PhD thesis, he studied the auditory cortex. This was followed by postdoctoral research at MIT in high-level visual cortex and computational neuroscience. In 2017, he joined the faculty of the Department of Neuroscience at Columbia’s Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.